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On-line Yearbook Publishing Software--Even better than before!!!

A+ Publisher On-Line is changing for the 2015-16 season.
This new improved design tool from Carr Publishing is better than ever.
It's flexible, fun, and FREE when you print your yearbook with us.
Carr Publishing has been producing yearbooks for over 40 years.
Let us help you make your next yearbook the best it has ever been.

With the 'new' Plic Books & Carr Publishing you can!

  • Drag & Drop...Really!

  • Change color of text

  • Crop Objects

  • Use a Grid to align elements on the page

  • Copy Objects

  • Delete Objects

  • Undo the last action

  • Zoom In and Out

  • Rotate Images and Text

  • Arrange Objects

  • Change your font

  • And much more...
Would you like to know more?

Visit www.carrpublishing.com or contact our yearbook publishing advisor:

Mike Ariotti
Phone: (801) 295-2321
Email: mike@carrprinting.com

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